• Relics Visit 2019

Bishop McGee of the Diocese of Argyll & The Isles comments on the visit of St Therese relics

"For many years I have been convinced that in Scotland we need to rediscover our sense of spirituality. I believe that many of the problems the Church and society faces is rooted in the weakening of our personal relationship with God. I certainly recognise this in myself although I genuinely desire, with God's grace, to love Him - and others - more. This is why I am excited at the prospect of St Therese's relics coming to our land. Therese's Little Way proves that closeness to God is possible for everyone! We don't need to be clever or influential for union with God - we can be small and ordinary but simply surrender in trust to God, praying and loving in the daily events of life. May St Therese guide each of us closer to God and one other."

Right Reverend Brian McGee Bishop of the Diocese of Argyll and the Isles

30th August - 20th September 2019


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