Extraordinary scenes of emotion as the Little Flower left the grotto with thousands of pilgrims forming a guard of honour and singing spontaneously Faith of our Fathers, throwing roses as the hearse passed. The faith is still alive in Scotland. Tens of thousands passed through Carfin Grotto over the last three days as pilgrims were given 24/7 access to venerate the relics of this little French saint. Memories which will live long in the hearts of all.

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Our last post of the night/morning! (We promise) Reflections on Day 1 of the St Therese Relics Visit We mingled and chatted with the thousands of pilgrims to Carfin Grotto today who visited St Therese relics. It is very interesting as many of the children we spoke with mentioned it was "fun". For many years in the Church popular devotions and relics were considered outdated yet this deeply held Catholic tradition is drawing thousands and it has captivated the youth! Day 2 continues tomorrow at Carfin with similar numbers expected throughout the day. Bring your family and soak it up!

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The Official Arrival Procession of the Relics of St Therese of Lisieux to Scotland No comment needed as we present the sights and sounds of a grace filled day for the Catholics of Scotland as they welcome St Therese of Lisieux in their thousands! This is our faith! The relics will remain in Carfin Grotto until the National Pilgrimage Mass on Sunday afternoon. All welcome, many graces are to be won!

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30th August - 20th September 2019


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